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Yangquan City: An Intelligent Self-Driving Street Sweeper Is “On Duty”
Time: 01 15,2020      Source: Eshanxi-yangquan

On November 4, 2019, an intelligent self-driving street sweeper that adopts a square and concise body structure and integrates lidar, camera and other sensors appeared on the South Daxi Street of Yangquan City. The self-driving sweeper can automatically clean roads and spray water, with sweeping capacity of 5,000 m2/hour, which is equivalent to the daily work load of 6 sanitation workers, greatly improving the efficiency of urban cleaning.

In order to reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers and comply with the trend of intelligent sanitation operation, Yangquan Zhonghuanjie Urban Environmental Service Co., Ltd introduced this intelligent street sweeper, which adopts the leading-edge AI technology and driverless technology, supports 5G or 4G network transmission, and can complete the cleaning work in refined and complex application scenarios.

The intelligent self-driving sweeper can clean the road instantly. When reversing, the sweeper will give out a warning: “Reverse! Watch out!” When it “meets” with pedestrians and cars on a narrow road, it will automatically stop to make a way for them.

Now in the season of falling leaves, the roads are full of leaves, which bring great pressure to sanitation workers. Gao Mingliang, Assistant Manager of Operation Department of Yangquan Zhonghuanjie Urban Environmental Service Co., Ltd, said that the intelligent street sweeper can greatly reduce the burden of sanitation workers. In addition to leaves, it can also collect stones, cigarette butts and sundries. When driving on a dusty road, the sweeper will automatically turn on the spray equipment to reduce dust.

At present, the trial operation of the intelligent street sweeper has been completed on the South Daxi Street and Sunshine Square, and the unmanned cleaning operation has been officially started. In the future, the company will arrange more sweepers to carry out cleaning operations on other roads. 

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