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More than 20 Artists Presented Calligraphy and Painting Works to Pay Gratitude to the Locals in Yangquan City
Time: 01 15,2020      Source: Eshanxi-yangquan

On the morning of November 8, 2019, the “Love for the Yangquan City · Calligraphy and Painting Works Invitational Exhibition” was kicked off at Yangquan Municipal Exhibition Hall, and the exhibition will last until November 13, 2019.

The exhibition displayed more than 100 calligraphy and paintings works created by more than 20 artists and foreign entrepreneurs who were born in Yangquan City, including Su Gaoli, Director of the Oil Painting Workshop of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Zhang Shunqing, Professor of Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University, Dong Chengke, Professor of the Calligraphy Training Center of China Calligraphers Association, etc. Covering various types such as traditional Chinese painting, printmaking, oil painting, watercolor and calligraphy, and adopting various styles, these works demonstrated a profound cultural foundation, and attracted many citizens to come and appreciate. 

Ren Xiaojun, Vice Chairman of the Artists Association of Shanxi Province and Vice President of Shanxi Fine Arts Academy, said at the opening ceremony that, it is the profound culture and history of Yangquan City that have nurtured batches of arts and calligraphy talents. These artists have been working and living in other places for a long time, but they always pay close attention to the development of their hometown. More than 100 art works created by them are filled with deep emotions and cultural elements, which will be exhibited to pay gratitude to the locals in Yangquan City. 

In addition, during the exhibition, Yangquan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized these artists to visit Niangziguan Scenic Area, Pingding Guanyao Sand Ware Museum, Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Center and other places in the city. These artists were deeply touched by the urban changes caused by profound culture and history, primitive and exquisite intangible cultural heritage, and advanced technology. Meanwhile, their love for Yangquan City also provided inspiration for them to explore the prosperous development of culture and arts in Yangquan City and promote the creation of Yangquan-themed works.

It is reported that the exhibition, which was sponsored by the Office of Yangquan Municipal Party Committee and Publicity Department, and organized by Yangquan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Yangquan Municipal Radio and Television Station, is one of the “Love for the Yangquan City · Calligraphy and Painting Works Invitational Exhibition” series, with the aim of demonstrating the artistic creation achievements of Yangquan City in recent years, carrying forward the theme of the era in the form of art, stimulating the positive energy of the society, publicizing the featured culture of Yangquan City, and promoting the transformation and development.

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