Yangquan - Eshanxi
Yaolinsi Forest Park
Time: 01 15,2020      Source: Friends Shanxi

The Yaolinsi Forest Park features steep hill, deep vale, hilly path, greenish pine and cypress, clusters of flowers, over 200 hectares of trees and cool weather. In spring, the place seems to be dyed delicately green by the warmish wind; in summer, it is a world of coolness; in autumn, it is a kaleidoscope of colors with many leaves showing off redness; and in winter, when in snowy weather, it is clothed with snowy whiteness with pines standing out with their greenness. This park serves multiple purposes of recreation, hotness sheltering, sightseeing and education for patriotism. 

The park boasts groups of constructs standing there since Yuan, Ming or Qing dynasties, the grotto art of reliefs & sculptures known at home and abroad, site for the Taihang No. 2 Factory of Hospital Consumables which was directed by the Commander Qin Jiwei, and site for villas built in 1918 by 5 countries: the US, the UK, France, Lebanon and Norway. Yaolin Mountain, which is within the park, features soaring peaks, whose scenes are as beautiful as the well-known Thin Strip of Sky effect in the West Lake Scenic Zone in Hangzhou. 

The mountain boasts tree-themed sights such as Iced Branches against Rosy Clouds, Reddish Leaves on Verdant Hills, Wind Whistling through Pines, Nice Flowers and Herbs, the Fighting Trees, and Trees Snaking across the Vale. These sights compete with other magnificent natural views to form a splendid world, which greatly enriches the Park’s possibilities of scenery. There are also age-old legendary trees across the park, such as the awesome and fluffy pine, and ancient cork oak. In the depths of the sea of trees, we have the ancient temple: the Qingliang Temple and Qingliang Grotto, etc. All these cultural relics display themselves proudly. The Yaolin Temple Mineral Water, recently developed, is supposed to somewhat have medicinal value. Being cool and pleasant to drink, the water is a unique high-end product, and much liked by consumers.

Yangquan - Eshanxi